Byahe ta sa Siquijor: The Enchanted Beauty of Siquijor (My Hometown)

Siquijor is a tiny and remote island in the Visayas. Apart from pristine waters and beautiful beaches, there are many other sights to keep you busy for a few days. These are the must visit places in Siquijor, Philippines! 


Let’s know first the mystical island Siquijor !

The Spanish called it “ Isla del Fuego” (Island of Fire) for the glow caused by numerous fireflies at night. In recent times, Siquijor has become popular among locals for folk healing and stories anout witchcraft and sorcery have added to its mystique.

There’s something about the vibe on Siquijor, a combination of folk healing , spiritual side of the island would be missing out on what makes Siquijor so enchanting. As well as the waterfalls,the beautiful corals,the caves,the trees and white sand beaches.The people, their simple living and hospitable attitude.

Apart from the fact that Siquijor Island was bewitched island,there are numerous places of interest to see in Siquijor. So this guide was the best experience tourist spots in Siquijor.

Paliton Beach (Mini Boracay)

Paliton Beach is the Siquijor’s most famous beach located in San Juan. It is called as Mini Boracay because of its white sand and sparkling water.

Next stop is :

Cambugahay falls is the most visited falls in Siquijor located in Lazi because of its three-tiered waterfall with three lagoons,its auqamarine color and refreshing water best on hot days. The falls gently flows over caves ang light brown rocks makes it clear.

Hapitanan ( BroomShot Challenged)

Hapitanan is popular of its broom shot challenge where the island known of its magical broom used by wicthes. All you need is to jump and take a shot for free.So I challenged you everyone to take broom shot challenge !

Kamp Aninipot and Barrio Hobbit

Kamp Aninipot is from the word fireflies because it is located on the hill of Siquijor where fireflies are amazing during at night. Siquijor’s campground where it is family friendly and affordable, it has a magnificent site and offers a beautiful and serene environment and a peaceful place to retreat and unwind .

We welcome you to Siquijor and experience the true Siquijodnon hospitality.Experience Siquijor mornings, capture its sunsets,explore and find out why its called “Mystique Island” .We love Siquijor and we are sure you will also feel the same too.